Securus Technologies and Their Impact Upon Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is a leading communications company that furnishes technology to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies and safety organizations for over 3,400 customers and 1.2 million inmates all across the North American continent. They provide phone, text and email availability for inmates and their families which is a big help for these folks to stay in touch.


However, with such accessible means for communications comes a dark side of the equation too, and that is the fact that some are able to take advantage of such conveniences for the purposes of criminal activity. Not only is there always the possibility of the importing of drugs and alcohol into the prison systems, but there is also the use of such privileges for other criminal activities too.


Securus Technologies has built specific safeguards into the phone and communications systems so that many criminal acts have been thwarted and inmate upon inmate crimes, plans for criminal plots, and other underhanded schemes have been discovered and prevented.


Prison systems and law enforcement agencies receive hundreds of letters and emails about how the Securus systems have helped to arrest perpetrators, foil criminal schemes, and gather evidence that can be used in court to prosecute such activity.


Crimes such as illegal selling of drugs and alcohol, threats against other inmates and prison personnel, extortion, blackmail, threats against families of prisoners, and other such underhanded activities have been stopped primarily because of the Securus Technology detection programs contained in the communication system.


For over a decade the Securus solutions to uncovering such plots and criminal activity and revolutionized the prevention and prosecution of such activities. Letters and communications from law enforcement have been regularly sent to the prisons and Securus thanking them for their vigilance and abilities to catch such criminal acts before they proliferate into more serious and widespread activities.