End Citizens United: A PAC With Big Goals For Political Reform

End Citizens United is an organization that wants to enforce precisely what it says in its name, which is to end Citizens United. Citizens United was a ruling by the supreme court of America that allowed private businesses and companies to invest into political parties without having to disclose the amount publicly, and by getting tax exemption for the amount given. This naturally led to a lot of financial discrepancies in the political parties and widened the gap between the common people in America and the political parties themselves. This system allowed people with a lot of money to get more of a say in matters of politics than the common people, as it should be in a democracy. Naturally, a lot of unrest started emerging among the common people in America, giving rise to more troubles than actual resolutions like it was intended to.

People started to abuse this system for their gain without considering the consequence that it would have on the general populous of America. Donations were becoming a way of asking for favors, and political parties were inclined to take them or risk losing an election because of a unthorough campaign.

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Ending Citizens United would be a huge victory for the country and the people living in it. By ending this, the common people will have all the information of what goes on in political parties and will also be able to have a more transparent system, allowing them to know what goes on in the government better. Unfortunately, the Republican Party currently ruling the nation does not want to put an end to Citizens United, because that would result in a lot of the things in their party being out in the open, which is not something they want according to alreporter.com. The Republican Party has exploited this system of Citizens United, so much so that some people who are currently holding positions in office have only attained said positions through enormous donations that they have made to the party.

The only way America can see an end to the Citizens United ruling is by re-electing the Democratic Party, who are actually in favor of overturning this decision. This is where End Citizens United comes in. Because they are a political action committee, the goal of the organization is to support the democratic party and help them in campaigning to win the next election. At the same time, the organization has done an incredible amount to show the public just what is going on in the Republican Party and all the unethical practices that take place. Even though the End Citizens United was only formed in 2015, they have made an incredible amount of progress in reaching their goals, and have also received support from thousands of people all over America.

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