Month: July 2017

Dr. Clay Siegall: The Effects Money Has On Medical Progression

Dr. Clay Siegall noticed how problematic finance is in medical companies. It’s unfortunate that too many companies focus on profits more than creating effective medicine. Dr. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics to resolve that problem. While money is a factor, he never allows it to take center stage.

Dr. Siegall first encountered this problem while working at Bristol. He joined the medical field with the sole purpose of developing more effective drugs. The ownership at Bristol, however, focused him on created greater profits. Everything he accomplished added up to more kickbacks for the boys upstairs.

The company limited his work. He didn’t have the latitude or respected he wanted. His projects weren’t under his full control, meaning someone else could alter it if they wanted; and he was a senior researcher. He also had patents that earned the company millions of dollars and he didn’t see a cent more than his normal paycheck.

Fed up with the disrespect and mistreatment, he Seattle Genetics. Now, his company works on projects that he’s wanted to work on for years. They’ve developed numerous drugs and pipeline drugs since its founding in 1998. They even developed the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate.

If though he now works on what he wants to work on, money is still a factor. Obviously, the company sells their proprietary drugs. ADCetris, the first FDA-approved ADC, is exclusively theirs for the next few years. That drug and its many indications generate a good part of their profits.

The company also has production partnerships with other companies. And their licensing of technologies and processes is another revenue stream. What many people don’t understand about the drug industry is that it takes a lot of time and money.

Financial success in the drug industry isn’t as big-time as other companies make it seem. One in ten candidate drugs gets approved and the drug makers have to pay the entire bill no matter what. In actuality, it took Seattle Genetics ten years to become profitable.


Why We Trust Securus Technologies to Make Our Prison Safe

When it comes to keeping our prison safe, me and my fellow corrections officers have to work tirelessly to keep one step ahead of the inmates. They have the advantage of being in the jail around the clock, which means that they can spot weaknesses in the system and exploit them so we have to basically react. We have a few resources we use that enable us to take a more proactive approach to prison safety.


Every day the visitors to our prison are warned they can not being any sort of contraband into this facility. Even with the threat of jail time, they risk it sometimes at the request of the inmates. To that end, we have to basically scan and search every visitor and inmate before and after visits to locate and remove any sort of contraband.


Next, we surprise inmates each day by raiding their cells and looking very thoroughly for anything that should not be in there. It surprises us each time how something as simple as a toothbrush can be molded into a sharp weapon used for piercing the skin of intended targets.


We use the new call monitoring system that Securus Technologies installed for picking up conversations between inmates and those on the outside. The LBS software is a powerful tool that can easily locate chatter on things like drugs and weapons. Once alerted, we listen and take swift action to make sure the facility is as safe as possible.


Securus Technologies has these call systems in over 2,500 prison systems, and the entire company, including the CEO, all work towards the objective of keeping the world safe. We can not even count how many time this year already we have been able to locate and remove dangerous drugs from the inmates all due to the Securus Technologies system.


Nick Vertucci: The Real (Estate) Story

Nick Vertucci is a retired police officer, businessman and, since 2007, a real estate consultant on Twitter. He works out of Orange, California. He is also a real estate investor, coach, mentor. the host of “The Real Estate Flipping Hour” radio show, and the man behind the famous Flip With Nick real estate seminars.

Additionally, Vertucci is the owner of the Nick Vertucci Companies. For those not in the know, The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. are purported to find the solutions to any problems related to investing in bank-owned real estate foreclosures at They work with their clients every single step of the way through every project with which they are involved.

Nick Vertucci Companies simplify the entire process of successfully investing in real estate according to He also has the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which he launched in 2013. Since the first class began, the NV Real Estate Academy is reportedly one of the most popular educational programs out there.

He helps his pupils across the country reach their personal goals through investing in real estate. Vertucci was also the president and the CEO (chief executive officer) of Coastline Micro, Inc. He was with the company for six years from 2001 through 2007.

Vertucci graduated from Canyon High School in California in 1984. He has numerous special skill areas. They include (but are not limited to) buyer representation, foreclosures, investing, investment properties, leases, and sales.

On his school’s website, Nick Vertucci says it was not until he could call himself “a millionaire” that he decided to teach others his system so they too would be able to “get out of debt”, make lots of money, and significantly “transform their family’s financial legacy for good.” What he has learned since founding the school is that most people “have the desire and the drive, but” they do not have “the know-how.” That’s the whole purpose of his academy at

Creating A Successful Wine Tasting Party At Home

When you become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard company, you gotta be creative when it comes down to selling to people. You can’t always have big events throughout the community and use other locations for rent. Those places can get a little bit too expensive. The key is to ensure that you are being creative and using other locations for free.

Wine parties are your biggest source for income when selling their wine. The best place to host them is definitely your own place. The Traveling Vineyard is great for helping you out on using these events as a way to sell.

The thing to do when using your own home is to first off be creative. Is your backyard a beautiful location that could be a great venue for wine tasting? Do you think your living room is wide and big enough to get people going? The truth is that you need a good amount of space so you can travel from one spot to another to another group of people. The first thing to do is open up the space and clear it up for the people.

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You will need to get people coming over. The best piece of advice anybody will tell you is to start your path and invite good friends over not to try and sell them but to help get you started on the right direction. It’ll help you practice and learn how to talk to people. Anybody you meet before your first big wine tasting event can be people you could invite over to your first event, but your goal is to start off and just learn from your first big event. Family and friends can also be very supportive in general in terms of going to the event and buying the wine.

The last thing to remember is to have plenty of wine to share around for the people who are coming. Have many cups and tiny ones as well for tasting. A multitude of wine glasses can be best to use. Don’t forget quality decorations to create a wine tasting feel.

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