Arthur Becker’s Advice to Prospective Entrepreneurs

Arthur Becker is a prominent investor who has acquired a large amount of wealth and made a name for himself in the technology and real estate sectors. He is currently a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, an organization he co-founded after he sold NaviSite in 2011 to Time Warner.

Recently, Arthur was interviewed by Ideamensch, and he exposed his sentiments on real estate, technology, being an entrepreneur and his life experiences. In the interview, he explained that he became active in real estate and technology during his time at NaviSite and ZINIO. Because Mr Becker loves what he does, he has gained much freedom making his days flexible without any pre-set schedules.

When asked what brings his ideas to life, Becker explained that he is most efficient when collaborating with individuals he respects. Additionally, he loves coordinating the efforts of experts to execute a particular project. Mr. Becker is particularly interested in modern trends in biotechnology, particularly those relating to cancer treatment. Moreover, he explains that for one to be a successful entrepreneur they need to have a solid understanding with their management team. Also, one has to identify and direct the right people to his vision to succeed in business.

Looking back at his earlier decision of withdrawing from his second year at graduate school to focus on his construction company, Becker proclaims that he would change his decision and concentrate more on his studies.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in photography and ceramics. He later joined Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth for his MBA in 1973. More details can be found on

As per Perez Hilton, before he started working at Madison Partners, LLC, Becker was working as the Chairman and CEO of ZINIO, LLC from 2012 to 2015. The company was a giant in the digital newsstand. From 20002 to 2010, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite; A NASDAQ quoted corporation that offered internet technology services, hosting and colocation to firms in the Unites States and the United Kingdom. NaviSite was sold to Time Warner in 2011 after which he moved to Madison Partners, LLC.

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