Month: October 2016

A Detailed Comparison Of Original Medicare And Medicare Advantage Plans

People using Medicare receive their cover either through Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare. There has been a bit of confusion on which between the two represents the best option for users. People have tried to offer a rating system, but in most cases the two systems are portrayed as one and the same.

Remember Medicare Advantage was established as an alternative to Original Medicare and most of the plans contained in the latter are available through Medicare Advantage, but with different regulations. Here is a comparison that should help you understand each well.

Original Medicare explained
This is the traditional program that was and is still managed through the federal government. The program offers both Part A and B plans and you can choose to work with both. The payments submitted by users are deductible and there is provision for coinsurance, usually 20 percent of the approved outpatient cost.

To join the program, you are required to pay premiums on a monthly basis for part B. Part A in this case does not require any premium submissions if you can prove you have been working in the U.S. for at least 10 years. Original Medicare allows you to visit any hospital within the U.S. that accepts Medicare and no referrals are not required to see a specialist, nor will you need prior authorization.

Medicare Advantage plans
Unlike Original Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage plans are provided through private insurance companies. The plans cover Parts A and B and the system is similar to the one available for Original Medicare. One can also request for extra benefits cover such as vision and dental care. Medicare Advantage is considered a private plan that may come with different restrictions depending on the provider.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health, which has invested in serving the North American market, is a renowned managed healthcare services provider. The company has been acclaimed for offering cost-effective and high-quality services that are managed through innovative procedures and methods. Through effective communication and dedication to work, InnovaCare has been able to serve hundreds of people and is looking to expand its presence in the country.

Focused leadership
Dr. Rick Shinto, who has previously worked with global healthcare companies. Until its sale, Richard Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc., between 2008 and 2012. He is the current President and CEO at InnovaCare Health. He boats of an experience record spanning over 20 years in the health sector. Richard Shinto works with help from Penelope Kokkinides, who has also gathered years of experience in the healthcare sector. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health.

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Whistleblowers Given Greater Protections As Record Payout Announced By Labaton Sucharow Team

The financial industry has always been seen as one filled with complex rules and regulations many people find it difficult to navigate without the assistance of experts in this often closed community. The Labaton Sucharow law firm has over 50 years of experience in representing clients from the financial industry, and is looking to use this experience as it develops its SEC whistleblower program headed by respected financial attorney Jordan Thomas who played an integral part in drafting the Dodd-Frank Act that introduced new regulations for the industry.

Jordan Thomas and his team of financial investigators and attorneys have recently worked with an SEC whistleblower who received the second largest payout in the six year history of the program at $17 million. The introduction of financial rewards came after the 2008 economic crisis resulted in the U.S. Congress looking for ways to increase financial regulation in the U.S. economy; as part of the Dodd-Frank Act the SEC allows a financial reward of between 10 and 30 percent of any fines to be given to individual whistleblowers based on the quality of their evidence. Jordan Thomas and his team worked on the $17 million payout for the whistleblower they represented and made sure to explain all rewards are paid from a fund with $400 million in reserve to make sure rewards are paid promptly to protect the identity of any whistleblower.

The latest issues facing the SEC whistleblower program include the protection of individual whistleblowers who may choose to not reveal their identity in a bid to remain an active part of the financial industry. Identity issues have been faced by Jordan Thomas and his team at Labaton Sucharow who were part of the prosecution of an employer who victimized an employee for their role in the whistleblower program.

Labaton Sucharow have taken a great interest in ethics across the workplace in the U.S. and went so far as to commission a 2011 survey about whether employees would be willing to become whistleblowers, 78 percent responded positively if they could retain their anonymity. The growth of the SEC whistleblower program comes at a time when members of the financial industry have the chance to provide evidence of financial wrongdoing with their own employment protected and financial rewards available for the evidence provided.

Blogger Tries WEN By Chaz And Falls In Love With Bigger Hair

When it comes to hair, most women would agree that the bigger, the better. For some of us, however, we are stuck with fine, thin hair that just lies there flat. That was beauty blogger Emily McClure’s problem, and she was frustrated battling her mane with sub-par results. So, she got smart and decided on the no lather shampoo route.

Emily took a 7-day hair challenge using WEN by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner. She recorded her results for She kept a hair diary and snapped hair selfies.

WEN by Chaz is an amazing system that promotes healthy hair with pure, back to nature botanical formulas. Famous LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the system and promises he will never add sulfates and other damaging chemicals to his brand. His no lather shampoo method is unique and ideal for hair of any type in any condition. He uses the highest quality standards in manufacturing his formulas. Maybe that is why his celebrity clientele remain faithful to the man and his brand.

WEN by Chaz doesn’t need a lather, because his cleansing conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner. Wen by Chaz is Sephora available and can also be purchased online on Guthy-Renker.

Emily decided to use WEN by Chaz in the shower every morning. She skimped on the amount, because she thought it was too excessive. However, using a lot of product is best for a no lather shampoo. Still, Emily’s medium length hair came out gorgeous, with body, shine and movement. She received lots of compliments on her new, big, soft hair, and her selfies show a young woman with a sexy celebrity mane.

To get the most out of WEN by Chaz is simple. Emily advises to use it every morning and to blow-dry and style your hair after. WEN works! Check out the product’s Facebook page and YouTube channel for more information.

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