Month: August 2016

Use Wen By Chaz For Your Hair Care Today

You’ve been wrestling back and forth with your hair and are looking for something that will work. WEN hair by Chaz provides a hair care solution that works for under $40. It has been dubbed a genie in a bottle by the thousands of customers that use it each year. They provide a safe affordable solution available on both Sephora and Ebay for a fraction of the cost of salon visits or other beauty products for your hair. Your hair plays a major role in your confidence and how you see yourself. Wen by Chaz works hard to build your hair back to a natural state able to withstand the elements.
A Bustle news article has documented the use of one young lady using it for the first time. She is not a paid actor, but rather decided to give her actual testimonial. She wasn’t sure how Wen by Chaz [] would work on her thinning hair for the first time. However, after one week of using it she now recommends it to all the online Bustle readers as an affordable hair care solution that works. She noticed far less breakage after she used the strengthening conditioner for a week every time she washed her hair.

She noticed that her hair was easy to manage and had more volume. The proper amount is clearly listed on every bottle so you never use too much or too little. In fact, Wen by Chaz is safe for all hair care types including men and women. The rich aroma will have you feeling refreshed after a long day. You can use green tea oil or other high end extracts for your hair. You can easily order their products online and have them shipped right to your door. You’re invited to visit their official website for more details and product information for your hair care solution.


Securus Technologies And Their Innovative Solutions

Securus Technologies is a very no well-known company that works with prison technology. Securus Technologies has been around for over 30 years, and they are headquartered in Dallas Texas. Recently, PRNewswire did an article about their automated inmate form and grievance application. Securus Technologies has served over 3400 correction facilities and over 1,000,200 inmates throughout the United States. Securus Technologies provides services when it comes to public information, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self-service. Securus Technologies is a company that is constantly improving on their technology, and they are always ready to play innovative roles in the correctional facilities that they work with. Because of that, they recently implemented an application that is called ConnectUs.

Each year correctional facilities waste thousands of hours on different inmate requests. These requests can include things such as grievances, handbook acceptance forms, sign-up forms, medical forms, and much more. They lose a lot of money with these forms, because they require corrections officers to collect these forms from the inmates. Once these forms are collected, they have to be processed, responded to and logged. This entire process can take many hours if not days. The staff is required to keep up with all of the different paperwork used by the various inmates, and this takes the staff away from other important tasks.

This ConnectUs application is an application that is available to inmates, and even if they want to make changes on the forms, it takes just minutes to do instead of days. The ConnectUs form and the grievance application makes this whole process completely and totally streamlined. This services is making a real difference to the different correctional facilities, and they are able to process about over 13 forms per month per inmate. Processing in this way enables correctional facilities to save a large amount of money over a years time.

Brian Bonar: A Business Person that Moves Forward

According to Spokeo, there is much that can be said about Brian Bonar, who has been the kind of businessman that others have looked up to. Most of his successes are well documented as he has shown great prowess when it comes to various industries, including commercial property as well as muti-family housing.

Brian Bonar has also been involved in aviation projects and education, though that just scratches the surface. The bottom-line and the reason that many people admire Brian Bonar is he is able to lead teams into the future of their perspective companies.

Taking a closer look at the Bellamy’s, one of his successful projects, can illustrate the dedication that Bonar brings to each project. The Bellamy’s was built in Escondido. The neighborhood is good, but no one had effectively introduced fine cooking to the area until Bonar came around.

The idea was to introduce fine cuisine without sacrificing comfortable tastes that the people in Escondido had gotten used to. Bonar did not want the restaurant to be a normal experience, so he hired Ponsaty, who is a well-renown chef in France. Of course, the chef of the restaurant has slowly begun to introduce exotic foods to the region, but he does ensure that the food is local to ensure none of the customers are culture-shocked by the menu.

It is clear to see that it was Bonar’s vision that made Bellamy’s work. The fact that he was able to see the possibility of success in an area that was not friendly towards progressive cooking shows that he is the kind of businessman that only takes calculated risks. Those who know him best understand that his focus has always been to exceed expectations, though not only his own but also the entire team that is working on any given project with him.

At the moment, Brian Bonar is known mostly as the chairman and CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The corporation helps clients deal with employee benefits and evaluates risk management insurances. In short, it is an enterprise that helps provide many business management services. Bonar was actually recognized for some of these efforts with the company by the Cambridge Who’s Who, who awarded him the Executive of the Year honor. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

This is an honor that is reserved for only four business executives throughout the year. The winners do have to go through a rigorous criteria to be eligible, like proving professional and academic accomplishments. There was no doubt that Brian Bonar was going pass those prerequisites with flying colors. This is especially true about Bonar since he has almost 30 years of experience in the business.

It is clear that when Brian Bonar puts his mind to something, it is a goal worth betting on.

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Beauty Writer Finally Reaches For WEN to Create Big, Bouncy, Hollywood Hair

Emily McClure had heard about WEN by Chaz; to her credit, she hadn’t been sleeping under a rock. The famous, no lather shampoo system had those memorable TV infomercials showing off celebrities with big, bouncy Hollywood hair.
Being hair-challenged with limp, lackluster locks, Emily wanted to try the unique no-poo system and hope for bigger, better hair. So, she chose a personal 7-day challenge with WEN by Chaz and posted her results on Bustle.

She even kept a daily hair log and snapped hair selfies to show readers her progress.

Emily had made a great decision in choosing WEN. Celebrity stylist on the LA scene, Chaz Dean, had invented the first of its kind no lather shampoo system. He knew the nasty chemicals found in store shampoos and conditioners were actually harming people’s hair, so he went natural and created cleansing conditioners with healthy botanical ingredients. His amazing formulas were designed to suit any and every hair type, adding volume, shine and strength. Wen products are available online through Amazon and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and hopped into the shower to experience WEN. She didn’t understand the directions and was supposed to use 16-24 pumps for her medium length locks. Emily thought that was “actual insanity,” and used only 10 pumps for short hair. With Wen, you need to use a lot of product, because it’s totally different from a store bought lather product.

Still, after blow-drying and styling her hair, Emily was happy with the glamorous results- big, shiny A-list hair. Check out her hair selfies for the gorgeous proof.

The only complaint Emily had was in the routine. For WEN to really deliver, you must adhere to a daily WEN wash, followed with blow-drying and styling. If you become lazy and skip any of these steps, your results won’t be as bouncy-big.

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