Month: July 2016

The Mind of George Soros Is a Powerful Weapon

George Soros recently wrote an article for New York Books about developing a new policy to rescue the Ukraine. In the article, Mr. Soros spoke candidly about Russia and the United States intervening on the world stage and getting involved with the physical and financial restructuring of the Ukraine. George Soros has taken a vested interest in the Ukraine because it has become a hub in the area for many of his business interests, and he also prides himself on being a humanitarian. Right now, the Ukraine needs all the help it can possibly get, yet many of its people are torn in three directions. Some Ukrainians want independence and others want the European Union, and there are those who would like to rejoin the Russian Federation. In the article, Mr. Soros offered his expert financial and political opinions and observations regarding the situation.

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The United States and the European Union leveled sanctions against the Russian Federation for intervening in the affairs of the Ukraine. According to Mr. Soros, the sanctions have had a huge and terrible impact on the Russian Federation beyond what anyone expected, and the tandem sanctions also worked incredibly swiftly. They were able to cut Russia’s connection to capital markets with frightening speed, which ended up causing an enormous amount of economic damage to the nation, which has roughly 8,000 nuclear weapons. Once again in the area, the conflict seems to be directly related to energy, specifically Russia’s oil and huge natural gas reserves. Unknown to most people, Russia has one of the largest oil and natural gas fields in the entire world. Mr.Soros said the Russian Federation needs around $100 a barrel to keep a balanced budget. When the article broke over a year and a half ago, the Russians were getting approximately $55 a barrel. George Soros has eluded to the long fall and stagnant growth as being caused by the Russian Federation’s military ego. He’s right.

Russia has defaulted on its loans before and run out of currency as Mr. Soros has pointed out. At the same time, it also defaulted on its debt, which led to the ruble, which is the name of Russia’s currency, being worthless. This was terrible for Russia, and it was terrible for the Russian citizens. The money of the people became worthless, and in the age of globalism and currency markets, the collapse of Russia’s currency destroyed investors, crippled the currency value of other nations and caused huge inflation.

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Dick DeVos Continues to Give

There are a lot of people in the areas of philanthropy that give in a grand way. Dick DeVos has become one of those people. I think that he is compelled to give largely because of his faith. He is a Christian man with Christian values, and I sincerely believe that he applies the logic of “to whom much is given, much is required” to his daily living. Dick’s wife has been by his side for a long time and they both give to various organizations. I think that what they are doing is wonderful because there is so much that is given to the funding of education.

Dick DeVos has been able to start a foundation where he is able to give a lot because he has taken the time to earn a lot. He is an astute businessman that has been able to follow his father’s legacy and continue to build a name for himself in the business world. His father started Amway, and this would be the beginning of Dick’s career as the successor of this company. I think that this was a natural start for someone that had a father that was this successful, but Dick proved that he was more than just someone that was passed a torch. He proved that he could handle things on his own by starting his own company.

I think that this is the same type of opportunity that he is trying to give others. He doesn’t want people to just get stuck in the place where they are. Dick is giving to charities because he wants to give kids a helping hand, but he also wants children to reach further.

I can see that his influence has also rubbed off on his children who also give quite generously. I think that this is all a part of the plan that he has to improve the chances for students in the state of Michigan. People that read about Dick DeVos will see that he has poured out more than $200 million into Christian organizations along with other family members like Douglas and Daniel Devos. This is a family of givers, and their legacy will never be forgotten. His brother in life, Erik Prince, is the founder of Blackwater USA, and he is also a very generous giver. It is a family tree that is filled with a plethora of givers.

Andy Wirth, A Man For All Seasons

I was listening to Madeleine Brand the other day and was able to pick up some interesting information about the drought and its effect on our California ski resorts.

Here in Sacramento where we live, we’re only an hour or less from snow…when it’s there. And of course, artificial snow is a more and more viable option to keep our resorts open.

Madeleine Brand talked with Andy Wirth on Station KCRW.

“Water use in California dropped by 27% last month, but the drought continues to plague us more than any other issue in recorded history.”

Andy Wirth, Chief Executive Officer and President of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, is a man who wears many hats; he has direct responsibility for all aspects of marketing and sales and more. He kindly offered some of his views on the current situation.

“Of course, up here in Ski Country, such as Squaw Valley, drought particularly impacts our hopes of a plentiful snowfall that’s guaranteed to bring skiers here, not only our loyal locals, but from all over the world.”

Madeleine asked Andy the obvious question:

“So how was our California winter this year?”

“It’s been a tough year,” he tells us, “I think everybody knows, here, especially in California, it was definitely a tough winter, but for all that, attendance was down only about ten percent.”

“Our capital structure remains solid. We’ve remained confident and we survive. Of course things could be better and we expect to take advantage of every opportunity to offer the best we can. We have over six thousand acres, so even if we only have a part of that with good cover, we can still offer quite a bit of great skiing.

Especially now that we have the ability to create snow as needed along with increased cold, and with at least four thousand snow covered acres to offer, we’re still in a good position to keep ’em coming. Our results in December and January have been very favorable. Science has been an enormous help in keeping us in plenty of snow on the slopes.”

“But you are looking toward the future rather than at the immediate situation.”

“Exactly. The punch line is that we hope as we continue to move along. Considering our new capabilities to create snow and our desirable locations and popularity, we expect to continue to grow, especially in the addition of many other attractive events and venues, such as weddings, and other celebrations.”

“We hear some pessimistic talk from Colorado about snow, but you evidently have a different idea.”

“We never know for certain how much natural snow is coming, but our hopes remain positive. Andy Wirth artificial snow and as I said, meetings, weddings and a host of other attractive events that we can host up in our part of the world, we can keep the people coming to show their interest in keeping up these beloved mountains.”

“Although we’re not achieving the results we know we can, we continue to work on improving every aspect of our properties, our service and our attractions.” Learn more about Andy Wirth:

“I believe I have the ability to make lemonade even when we don’t see ideal conditions and keep our operations not only going, but profitable.”

Ms. Brand then asked, “So you started out with an interest in meteorology?”

“Actually I started in Mexico and although meteorology wasn’t my main concern at the beginning, I began to see the importance of this aspect of any outdoor sport, so as time continued, I’ve focused more and more on weather conditions and what we can do about that. This year, we’re expecting to have a great winter season.”

“Thank you very much for your warm and helpful information.”

“You’re very welcome, Madelaine, and have a great day.”

George Soros Urges Against Brexit Plan

One of the most startling developments in recent months has been a movement known as Brexit. Brexit is the notion that residents of the United Kingdom would be far better off should the entire nation leave the European Union and become fully independent once more. Many observers of the nation are horrified as they watch what appears to be a movement to convince many Britons to vote in favor of leaving the European Union. This issue will be put to a vote in the coming weeks. Whatever the outcome, one European has made his views about this movement known. Investor George Soros is a native of Hungary who has long made his home in many areas of the world including London, has spoken about his thoughts on the possible negative outcome that may happen in the United Kingdom should the voters decide in favor of leaving the European Union. Read his profile at Forbes.

A Possible Devaluation

While others are not entirely sure what would result for the lives of ordinary Brits should this vote come to pass, George Soros believes that the ultimate result would be one of devastation for many people in the nation. In his view, leaving could reduce the strength of the British pound and reduce the power of the British to buy basic things. The pound is one of the world’s most stable currencies. However, as Soros reminds people in an article in one the United Kingdom’s most widely read newspapers, such losses have not been uncommon in previous years. In 1992, this currency lost over fifteen percent of its value. George Soros sees the possibility that this could happen again should the nation decide to leave the stability of the European Union for the unknown waters of a separate state. He believes this might undercut the value of the pound both in the short-term and the long-term.

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His Own Background

Soros knows a great deal about the workings of the European Union as well as the history of the value of the pound. His own fortune was made in multiple ways including a canny decision on his part in prior years about where the pound would head when compared to the Euro. As a result of his own skill in understanding the workings of the European market, he is widely admired by many people in the fiscal world who value his insights and thoughts on the matter. His words will be heeded by those who wish to consider the many possibilities that leaving the 28 member European Union may pose. Soros has exerted a great deal of influence in the past because of his ability to demonstrate an understanding how the markets of the world are interlocked and influence each other.

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