Month: April 2016

From Sex Slave to Frozen Desert: Yeonmi Park Escapes North Korea

Yeomni Park’s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” is the story of her odyssey from North Korea, trekking through China and the frozen Gobi Desert to South Korea. It is one of the hottest selling books on Amazon. She explains conditions in North Korea, how the people are oppressed and what desperation led her family to escape into China. Park says she has to tell what conditions are like in North Korea, likening what is happening to the Holocaust with its concentration camps, so that others will know and the oppression and cruelty can be stopped.
Yeomni’s father was once a civil servant for the Working Party. He was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp for smuggling metal to feed his starving family. Starvation was commonplace in North Korea in the wake of the Soviet Union collapse, which caused a famine in North Korea. In the labor camp, Yeomni’s father was tortured and became ill with colon cancer, while his wife and daughters were marginalized as part of his punishment. At times, all they had to eat were grass and insects. The family decided it must flee.

Yeomni’s sister ran first, north into China, then Yeomni and her mother. The same night they entered China, Yeomni and mother became victims of sexual trafficking. Yeomni’s mother offered herself in an attempt to save her daughter, but Yeomni, only thirteen at the time, was quickly sold into slavery as well. Yeomni has difficulty talking about this part of her ordeal, as she feels great shame still about the sexual abuse. See more:

In an interview with The New York Times, Park talks about how writing the book made her relive the experience. She had blacked many memories out and as she reconstructed her journey for the book, the details started coming back. Some details she still suppresses because they are too painful and shameful. Yeomni now studies criminal justice in South Korea and works as an activist, recently speaking at the One Young World summit in Dublin and at the UN Human Rights session on North Korea.

How to Promote Hair Growth With Wen by Chaz

Most women go through a period of life where their main goal is to grow a long and healthy head of hair according to Total Beauty Blog. While the urge to get a major chop every once and again is not altogether unpopular, most women yearn to enhance their hair growth. What many women don’t know, however, is that they can be unintentionally damaging the hair that they want to grow by using the wrong hair products. Since hair growth is a huge goal for some many people and is often the cause frustration and hurt for those who can’t seem to succeed at the goal, it is important to discuss the nature of hair growth in order to determine how to successfully initiate the process.

Hair grows in cycles that resemble life cycles. Hair follicles have a phase of growth, rest, and death or shedding. The hair begins in its growth phase where it is constantly in the process of growing over the course of 5 to 10 years. The growth phase is followed by a period of rest where it is relatively inactive. During the last phase, the hair follicles release the hair in a process known as hair shedding. A new hair grows in its place. Both the rest phase and the shedding phase last only a short amount of time. The hair spends most of its time in an active growth phase.

There are thousands and thousands of single hairs on each human head. Each hair is its own individual stage of growth. This means that at any given point of time a person’s hair is at many different stages of growth at once. For this reason, it is extremely important that superior hair care regimens are implemented. Hair care regimens can extend the hair’s growth rate to its maximum time. A damaging hair care regimen can cause the hair to break before it has reached its maximum growth cycle time. Products like Wen hair can drastically assist in the process of growing the hair. The WEN Hair cleansing conditioner is designed to ensure that the hair is not stripped of its natural, preserving oils, which increases hair growth potential. WEN Hair is available online via Amazon



Gucci Integrating Men and Women Runway Shows for 2017

Gucci has always been a big and prestigious name in the fashion industry. Gucci has yet another surprise for its new and loyal existing fan base. The President and CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, recently announced that Gucci will be hosting men and women fashion shows. These are not separate shows either folks.

Bizzarri plans to integrate these shows to showcase men’s wear and women’s wear. The first show on Pando is set to take place at the new Milan headquarters (Via Mecenate) for Gucci. Creative Director for Gucci, Alessandro Michele, believes that it was a natural process to present both men and women collections in the future shows. It’s her vision. “It will not necessarily be an easy path and will certainly present some challenges, but I believe it will give me the chance to move towards a different kind of approach to my story telling.” (

JustFab is a website that offers an incredible assortment of fashion garments that includes shoes, handbags, jewelry, handbags, etc. This website has also been seen on media giants. Those include E, InStyle, People, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Star, and MTV. If that’s not enough, JustFab also offers a “Spring Shop” and a “Sandal Shop” on their website. This could mean hours of fun fashion coordinating.

JustFab is a fashion company founded in 2010. There are 35 million members around the world. These members have unlimited designs to choose from their collections every month.

JustFab also has an impressive clientele consisting of women celebrities. ( There’s Jewel who’s sporting a pair of Michaela’s in her shot. Amy Smart sports her “Slender Cigarette” jeans. There are several more celebrities also sporting their fashions and accessories on the website.

North Korean media targets defector Yeonmi Park

No one ever said it would be easy to defect from a communist country, and Yeonmi Park’s Amazon released story would make some people who remember the Cold War wish the Berlin Wall still exited. It would have made Park’s journey easier if she only had to break through a wall The young woman defected from North Korea at the age of 13.

The story begins like this. Imagine a cold night in March. There is an a frozen river that marks the border between a Communist Dictatorship and another communist country with more freedom. A starving family with a thirteen-year-old girl begins to cross the river. During the way, the teenager will get raped, and undergo a long journey through one of the coldest deserts on Earth. After Park crossed the river, she journeyed across the Gobi desert until she reached the Mongolian border. At the Mongolian border, Yeonmi took a plane to South Korea.

Although many people find her story inspiring, others have called her story into question. The NK News called her story into question in a movie produced by the state-sponsored media. The movie accuses Yeonmi Park’s mother of being an agent for the United States, and it suggests that she is part of a human rights plot.

Other critics have called certain details of her story into question. Some of the names do not match, although Park counters that she changed the names to protect family members still living in the communist country. Some of the details of the story have been called into question. The defector counters that this is because she did not fully understand English, and her grasp has improved over time.




Don’t Follow These Rules According to Doe Deere

Doe Deere doesn’t follow the rules. She thinks that fashion rules are ridiculous and are something that were essentially created to be broken. She wants everyone to know that fashion rules are meant to constrict and bind you. They are meant to keep you from letting your personality shine and they do just that with their ridiculous notations of fashion.

This is something that Doe Deere is constantly working to fight and has dedicated her entire makeup line to fighting these fashion rules. She thinks that if you want to wear white foundation, pink lips, and lime green eyeliner you should do just that. She also thinks that you should feel confident and does everything in her power to make people feel confident in their fashion choices, even if that means stepping away from the holy grail of all fashion- the fashion rules. Doe Deere is a fashion rule breaker.

Have you ever worn bold eyes with a bold lip? If you answered no, it’s probably because fashion has told you not to in the past. There are hundreds of beauty articles that detail the information on why you shouldn’t and how terrible it looks to actually wear these two fashion choices. Doe Deere is going to tell you to throw those articles right in the garbage. She often wears bold eyes and bold lips and she really rocks it. She doesn’t look great in these looks because of anything other than her confidence. She likes the colors and she’s happy to wear them, which allows her to just ooze with confidence.

There are many colors that may not look good together, but Doe Deere really doesn’t care. She likes to mix many colors and thinks that fashion just doesn’t want women to have fun with the colors that they wear. She believes that there are no limits to the colors that you can mix, but that you should always wear colors that make you feel good. If you love burnt orange and pea green together, you should definitely wear it every chance that you get…and be confident about it while you’re wearing it.

It is always fun to play with hair colors and Doe Deere knows best of anyone what it is like to have unnaturally colored hair. She can often be spotted with blue or lime green locks. She has been told only to wear neutral colors with her hair like that, but she really doesn’t care. She likes to wear colors that she loves and truly doesn’t care if the colors of her hair clash with the colors of her clothes. The fashion rule of neutrals with bold hair is a rule that Doe Deere never follows.

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