Samuel Strauch Propagates Investing In Panama

Samuel Strauch looks at various reasons why Panama is able to attract so many international players who are willing to build homes, as well as offices besides hotels here.

One reason is that Panama has prices that are more accessible prices than those of Miami, besides others. It has a good future too. This is why people are investing here for a second or a third house. They can get one facing the sea along with all the comfort as well as equipped with the latest technology. Hence this city is fast becoming a hot destination for foreigners who are coming in from different parts of the world to make their investments here.

Samuel Strauch is the president of Affinity International Realty. He explains that his decision to invest in projects here is because of the strong demographic as well as economic growth of this area. People can have a home here for their holidays. Or else they can have a permanent house here.

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The future for Panama is looking very bright. This is because the country is going through a positive change. There appears to be a strong recovery. All this is being reflected in various areas of Real Estate. Samuel Strauch says that most of those who are choosing Panama today are Americans who have retired. They would now like to enjoy their free time. In addition, they are looking for access to restaurants, and shopping malls besides transportation where they can get attractive discounts.


Another factor is the accessible cost of living that is attracting a lot of Mexicans here. According to Samuel Strauch, it is the Venezuelans who are willing to put their money here. This is mainly for political reasons. They decide to emigrate from their country in order to live safely in a place that has a stable economy.

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All Natural Wen from the All Natural Chaz Dean

The Wen product line began with a cleansing and conditioning shampoo. Traditional shampoo strips hair of oils and then conditioners are intended to add moisture thereby replacing oil. Wen can not only do that in a single step instead of two, it will do it naturally without the harsh stripping process, allowing hair to maintain its own natural beauty, and vital oils. A quick review of the ingredients will reveal no sulfates or detergents. And with a varied selection of enchanting scents, Chaz Dean’s WEN hair care products can be purchased alone on Sephora or as full hair care sets based on unique needs. See,

A February posting on recounts a seven-day experiment by a busy young female who works in a hair salon and struggles with fine hair. She decided to perform her own Wen experiment. As early as her first day, her hair began to feel thicker, had more shine, and she noted less hair about the drain and day one went down as a success.

Days two, three and four were a bit concerning as she noted she was waking up to flat, greasy hair. On day four, she even commented that it was a killer “bad hair day.” Yet, she still had that beautiful shine and bounce and after shampooing, and the result remained awesome. And, she didn’t give up.

Day five was another success with soft, bouncy curls and day six, our tester determined that morning showers would be more effective for her, even though evening was her preference. And on an outing with friends at the end of day six, they commented on how great her hair was looking. Very cool!

On day seven even though her bouncy curls were falling a bit sooner than she would have liked, her hair was looking and feeling great! Despite some tough moments during the week, she could see herself becoming a regular Wen user.

No matter how you look at it, the end results include beautiful, healthy and easy to manage hair for each user.

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Services Offered By UKV PLC

UKV PLC Wines company has a network of negotiators, merchants and traders all over Europe. It specializes in wine trade. The aim is to help people sell their wine stock. It has a collective investment portfolio where an investor receives a share of the wine collection. The collection is managed by the company with various options available for selling if the client so wishes.

The wines company has a free no obligation valuation. The aim of valuation is to make sure the wine sells fast. Before the wine is listed on company stock, a minimum price is agreed after which it sells the wine through a brokerage service. UKV PLC Wines takes a 10 percent commission of the selling price.

The option of independent valuation through wine merchants and brokers is available. The objective is to get an unbiased value of the wine from a third party. The best of the offers is considered before selling the wine.

The interest of UKV PLC Wines is to buy quality wine. Some people have wine stocks on bond, if interested in selling the company offers free valuation. On the other hand, simply go for a straight sale. In a straight sale, the company buys wine directly after valuation and makes an offer. Offers are based on the price that a similar wine will attract on the market.

Selling wine through brokerage service requires stock transfer to the bonded trade account. The purpose is to perform verification of its condition. Verification involves checking the actual wine case, bottle labels, and the level of the wine. If the conditions are satisfactory, the wine is sold on an open market.

Clients of UKV PLC Wines enjoy a 2.5 percent commission. The commission is charged on the selling price and not on where the wine came from.


Creating a Better Tomorrow with Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is an amazing company that their target is to help the community at large in enhancing their lives to be better. For a long time the company has been continuously helping people through supporting them to accomplish their objectives. He is a philanthropist there are a lot of charitable projects he has been associated with including offering $1 million to the Human Society of Tampa Bay. The project has helped a lot in transforming the existence of animals in the Indonesian Orphanage.

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion the main purpose is because he believed he could change a lot of people lives, the organization efforts and devotion has massively backed their success. Furthermore, the company is always developing because of the good working relationship between the staff members of the company. Bob Reina is a good person who has continuously passed his experience to various people so that they acquire his knowledge in order to succeed.

The company has an online podium that their clients are able is to provide an open account to any service that they want. Video chats, video emails and live meetings are some of the online podium in the in the organization.

The video emails they convey information to a lot of people and customer henceforth they improve their market services of the company. These platforms have mostly enhanced a lot of people business.

Bob Reina has accomplished a lot he has also backed the success of various other businessmen. He is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a corporate that is committed to using online marketing services to improve a lot of businesses. Bob Reina effort, hard work and firmness are the main values which made him prosper he advises entrepreneurs to display these values while doing their work.

Bob Reina worked as a police officer before he started working in network marketing in 1990. He has learned a lot and attained a lot of skills in over the years he has been working. He has used his experience to improve other people business therefore helping them to accomplish their goals.


MB2 Dental: Managed by a Top Team of Experienced Leaders

MB2 Dental is a partner to affiliated dentists and practice owners everywhere. The company offers affiliated practice services that help dental practices run efficiently and maintain complete autonomy. According to White Pages, the MB2 Dental team is only concerned with the technical aspect of keeping practices running.

The head of the company is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2’s founder. He has years of experience as a dentist trainer and mentor, practice owner, dental director, and associate dentist. He is a passionate advocate of practice models that focus on the doctor.

As the head of one of the biggest Dental Support Organizations in the US, Dr. Villanueva has proven that anything is possible. His understanding of both the business and provider side of things allows him to ensure that doctors maintain full autonomy.

He still practices despite his management responsibilities and enjoys mentoring and educating new dentists about their options after finishing dental school. He was born in Ohio, but he spent much of his life in South America and Asia. His wife is also a physician who owns a practice in North Texas. They have four beautiful kids.

President Justin Puckett

The president of the company, Justin Puckett, has been in the dental industry for many years. His first stint in the industry was as an Andrews Kurth LLP transactional attorney. Later on, he became an executive at Dental Practice Management Company based in Texas.

He contributed to the unprecedented growth of the company during the 18 months he worked there. His unique experience in public accounting, corporate finance, and corporate law is quite relevant. It allows him to assist affiliated practices to evaluate their growth capacity. He lives in North Texas with his family.

COO Justin Carroll

Justin Carroll is the COO of MB2 Dental. He has extensive experience in operations improvement, consulting, and private equity investing. His most recent position was as a director at Highland Capital Management, LP. At the company, his role was to identify and execute special situations’ private equity investment with a focus on the healthcare sector.

Before joining Highland Capital, he was the VP for NexBank Capital Advisors Strategy and Operations Consulting group. His duties included developing and executing M&A strategies, identifying synergy, financial modeling, and post-merger integration.

Also, he worked as an advisor for middle market and private equity clients as well as operational and financial due diligence. He has led the assessment for numerous healthcare systems recognized nationwide. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Tested & Proven: Winning Stock Trading Tricks from Jim Hunt

VTA Publications is a distance learning courses publisher and special events organizing company founded in 2012 in London by Jim Hunt, the current CEO and chief financial advisor. They provide consumers with the latest information on finance and economics in all media formats. Jim Hunt is a successful stock markets guru and author of high-quality financial publications on He prides himself on being able to use proven strategy to make money bearishly or bullishly, even when everyone else seems to be giving the stock markets a pass.

He believes quality information is key and a clear understanding of customer needs is vital in offering working solutions on Crunchbase. According to Jim, there is a strong future in the information publishing industry waiting for you to cash in on it. The two most popular products are Making Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave.

The former is a simple formula for converting 1000 pounds with 10 simple and easy stock trades to become a millionaire in a bid to demystify the stock trading. Similarly, the latter advises clients on how to use the proper timing strategies to make money from a falling stock market.

He has a YouTube channel carrying these products and lots more information and free running analysis of good investment stock trades and market trends for the smart investor. VTA Publications products also include educative seminars, which cover topics such as retirement planning, using stock charts and short-term trading strategies.

VTA’s financial materials and publications are designed to turn the average person into an expert trader without years of training or experience at It is the go-to place for the investor new to stock market trading, the experienced trader making a comeback to trading stocks or the thrifty entrepreneur who can’t access good market analysis information.

Stock markets are growing every day as companies look for funding, expansion and working capital. The future of stock trading is looking up and the information is the fuel in this business. This places VTA Publications at the center of the action for a long time to come. Follow them and their advice; a good understanding of the markets, ability to put together a current analysis of the trends and a few simple proven tricks will get you on the right path to success.

Wengie, From Accountant to YouTube Sensation

If you need an inspiring story, look no further than the video called Wengie Draw My Life on Youtube. Wengie is a China-born woman in her thirties, who worked herself into having millions of followers on Youtube. Thanks to her creativity in her videos about hair, fashion, life tips, and more she makes a living making videos. Her story is interesting as she is an Asian woman with an Australian accent since she was brought up after the age of four in Australia.


She was encouraged by her family to get a scholarship and go to college, which she did and majored in accounting. When she got her first job she as an accountant, her review was not good and she agreed. Her heart was just not into being an accountant because she wanted to do something in fashion. She quit the accounting job and got a job as social media guru for a company. Her mother needed her room for her brother so she was forced at twenty-four to get a place on her own. It is not unusual for Asian children to live with their parents at any age.


While Wengie was working as the social media guru, she was honing her skills to start making her own blog and videos. Eventually, that is exactly what she did. Wengie started making her own little videos and her audience started growing as her videos got more interesting and amazing.


Soon Wengie was gaining enough followers that she was able to endorse products and make enough money to quit her job. Now she spends her days amid a pretty decorated condo in a high rise and informing the public about great ways to make your hair look great, or hacks to help you sleep better. With her own unique flair and style, Wengie gains adoring fans with her cute video hugs and great tips.


So if you want to get a unicorn dose of inspiration from an expert YouTuber who makes enough to, she quit her day job, hop on over to Wengie and check out the advice Wengie has for you.


Use the Wen by Chaz Haircare to realize an incredible hair

Many people are turning away from the harmful effects of shampoos. It’s hard to miss the praises of one of the top products in the market today, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. The Wen product was created by Chaz Dean and with the help of YouTube, it is increasingly becoming the talk of the town. The product makes use of several natural ingredients to create a product that should change your hair.

Traditional shampoos contain harmful chemicals and detergents. They include sodium lauryl sulfate among other additives. The products cause the hair to lather but leave chemicals that could damage the hair. Detergents get into your hair and leave it dry, brittle and difficult to manage. Sodium sulfate even makes it worse. It is the same ingredient used in auto shops to get rid of grime and grease. The chemical has been included in almost every shampoo product available ins shelves. Shampoos are frequently dangerous since the FDA has banned most of them. Sodium sulfate has shown to contain various effects such as scalp irritation, eye irritate and hair that is impossible to tangle.

One of the best things about the Wen hair system is that it is natural and brings back the moisture to the hair. Wen hair conditioner is amazing when you take into considerations the large benefits that come with leaving moisture. Regardless of living in a cold or hot region, the environment pulls away moisture from the hair causing it to become brittle and dehydrated. Wen hair system contains moisturizing products that create a beautiful way to enjoy your hair.

The most important step to developing soft and natural hair is to choose the right product. Wrong products can damage your hair and cause serious side effects. You have a lot of benefits when it comes to using the Wen hair conditioning system. With the help of instructions, you will learn how to use the product to realize fantastic advantages. Need Wen? The products are available online at and at the website.

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Securus vanquishes GTL utterly, without a shot being fired

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communication services, recently had a tussle with declining foe GTL. The row started when, two years ago, GTL fell into an obsession with showering Securus in vile slander. Its bellicosity only increased with each unanswered jab, culminating in absurd allegations of patent infringement on intellectual property that wasn’t even its to claim. Finally, the serene giant Securus, who had ignored GTL as a buffalo ignores a fly, was roused to action by a particularly vicious sputtering of tasteless trash talk and other violations of decorum so gross that, were they said by real persons, would have resulted in permanent exile from polite society.


Thus, Securus issued a challenge, a duel between equals where technology would be shown down face-to-face. Securus offered to pit its video visitation software against the GTL counterpart. Sensing imminent defeat, GTL caved, cut and ran. The embarrassing display of GTL’s rotted fortitude was as typical as it was cringe-worthy.



Securus video visitation has many benefits


Video visitation has been nothing short of a divine gift for those inmates who would have been unable to contact their loved ones in previous eras. Up until the mid-2000s, the only way an inmate could see his family face-to-face was through in-person visitations. These often resulted in such expense that families ended up never coming to see their incarcerated kin. In this way, many inmates ended up serving out their time without having any interaction whatever with those who previously gave their lives meaning on the outside. Such inmates were ripe for so-called institutionalization, or an acclimation to prison life so profound that the prisoner loses his desire to ever leave. While a highly contentious issue among experts, this sort of psychological dynamic is often cited as a key driver of recidivism.


Lori Senecal Talks About Her Career

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Senecal helps build the strategic vision of the company and fuel growth. Senecal also makes sure that CP + B maintains a good relationship with its clients. Senecal strives to go past innovation into true invention. Senecal wants employees to be passionate about their careers. She has organized different projects and competitions to inspire employees while focusing on culture and invention. Senecal was recently interview about her career and accomplishments.

In an interview by Hubspot, she said that she credits being the youngest of four children as having a major impact on the type of leader she has become today. She had to work hard to stand out from her siblings and establish her own identity. She was inspired to dream big.

Senecal believes that the power of culture can create positive change. It is important to build a culture where everyone is on the same page and working towards one goal. By creating competitions that employees can take part in, the talent in the company can grow and real innovation will take place.

Senecal learned that you cannot wait for opportunities to find you. It’s important to be aggressive and create your own. Identify what your best skills are and find a way to implement them to benefit the entire organization. Show how creative you are by inventing a new role or initiative.

To maintain a good work life balance, it is important to stay healthy. Have a good diet and make sure you exercise regularly. This will help keep you strong and ready to meet life’s challenges.

Senecal acknowledges that women do face issues in the workplace. She encourages all women to be pro active in their careers. It is important to step out of your comfort zone. She looks forward to mentoring other women and helping them achieve their dreams.

Senecal takes pride in working with the next generation of female leaders. There are a number of scheduled meetings set up to start an open dialogue with the women. She is looking forward to the company expanding globally. Read more about Senecal  on