The Highly Accomplished Career Life Of Robert Ivy

As the CEO of AIA since 2011, an author, practicing architect and editor, Robert Ivy is an immensely recognized figure in the architectural profession being the editor in chief of Architectural Record since 1996. The widely regarded accomplisher has an impressive record of success cultivating productive cooperation between the public and private sectors in the worldwide energy, science and technology domains. From 1981 to 1996, he was the main critic for a couple of national publications.

Appreciated for setting higher benchmarks in budget developing and planning of cost effective allocations for future resources, Robert Ivy is widely respected as a prominent person in energy’s intercontinental scope. Carrying a whole lot of experience, Robert Ivy has served a senior advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Clean Coal and Carbon Management for 5 years, Director of DOE China for 2 years, Program Manager for the US Department of Homeland Security for 4 years and in the US army for 5 years as a Chief Counterproliferation Branch and Nuclear Branch. All this experience makes Robert Ivy have a superior understanding of large-scale database & modeling projects design and management.

In terms of making Architecture more accessible, he is recommended worldwide based on his amazing career achievements and experience. Since beginning his reign with AIA as CEO in 2011, the global presence and influence of the organization has expanded and currently sits at its highest membership level.

Being a worthy ambassador of the profession, he recently received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award; marking the first time in history an Architect receiving the Polk Award.

Now in third edition, his impressive biography published back in 2001 which outlines the works of an American architecture who is also an apprentice was cited as the highest standards of scholarship, designs and production..

His design of a tactical methodology accurately identified and then disabled WMD production facility is included in many of his achievements. Furthermore, architectural fraternity unanimously agreed to name him Master Architect after his perfection of the process of communicating the essence of designs. He is the only architect selected in the 21st century.

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Get Bold Hair With Wen By Chaz

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Their rich hair care system also includes aromatherapy. You can have wonderful smelling hair with the benefits of deep cleansing your scalp. Their eBay sold line of shampoo and conditioner products work well together. Give your thin hair volume when and where you need it with a guaranteed product. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and have been one of the largest growing hair care formulated products in the network. You’ll love the way you hair looks and feels with the benefits of the WEN by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Hair Treatment. They stay committed to keeping your hair healthy with Wen by Chaz products. Follow Wen on Instagram.

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The Fame and Rise of Felipe Montoro Fens

Felipe Montoro Fens is a renowned name when it comes to the financial industry in Brazil. He has garnered many years of experience in the field of finance. A huge chunk of this experience was derived during his stay as a director at Santo Antonio Energia.

Apart from his expertise in the financial industry, he also specializes in infrastructure projects. Felipe Montoro Fens plays a crucial role in linking up the private businesses and the Brazilian government.

Felipe Montoro Fens started off his career after graduating from the Getulio Vargas Foundation with a business degree. Mr. Montoro’s quest for knowledge led him to the Thunderbird School of Global Management which is a subsidiary of the Arizona State University. Visit their website to learn more.

Upon graduation, Felipe Montoro Jens was quickly assimilated into the industry where he showcased his prowess. Due to his wide and diverse portfolio, he was able to work in different environments. These included at the energy generation, chemical development and water firms.

Mr. Felipe has had a successful run in different firms such as Atvos, Braskem and FOZ. It was not long before he held key positions in different firms such as Enron, Enel and PriceWaterCoopers among many others.

Back in 2015, he was offered an opportunity in Portugal where he was in charge of capital creation in both the Asian and European markets. These widened his scope when it comes to the oil, energy and mining sector both in Africa and Latin America.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has over 25 years of experience when it comes to the international business sector. His vast experience has seen him hold various managerial roles in different firms in Brazil. He has become a vital addition when it comes to infrastructure projects. He is still linked with the development of innovative solutions with the Brazil government. He plays a crucial role in the financial world offering advice to both individuals and corporates.

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Scottish Soldier and Author, Alastair Borthwick

Born in February 1913, Alastair Borthwick is a well renowned Scottish author and broadcaster. He grew up in Troon before relocating to Glasgow for his high school education at Glasgow High. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen to work at Evening Times as a copytaker.

He later secured a job at the Glasgow Weekly Herald where he was tasked to write on a variety of topics. When he was working on his articles, he discovered the traditional activity of rock climbing.

He started to write about the business and included hitchhiking and camping in his column. The game started gaining popularity among many people at that time. He later published his first book in the year 1939, Always a Little further.

Alastair Borthwick worked in North Africa, Sicily, and Western Europe with the British Army. Before joining the troop, he had served as a private with the Highland Light Infantry. Owing to his vast experience in OTC, he was selected to work as a lieutenant. Despite the commission, he waited till 1941 to work as a lance corporal.

He was appointed to serve as a unit Intelligence Officer. Due to his hard work and dedication, he rose to become the leader of the troop. Early in the year 1941, he was moved to the Reconnaissance Corps. He was later transferred in October 1944 to the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. One of his most good moments was when he successfully led a battalion of more than 600 soldiers in Holland without a map.

After the war, Alastair Borthwick began working on his second book referred to as San Peur. In the year 1994, it was republished as Battalion. San Peur, details on the history of the second world war. It is considered a particular book since it contains first-hand information from a junior soldier.

Alastair Borthwick ventured into his career as a television presenter and radio broadcaster. He also wrote on a wide range of topics during his time. He is remembered to have written multiple articles on Joseph McCarthy and Bonnie Prince. When asked about his favorite work, he picked The Scottish Soldier. Find out more about Borthwick by going to Facebook.

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OSI Group Mcdonalds: Their History of How They Changed the World of Retail

One of the biggest giants now in the food providing businesses is OSI Group Mcdonalds , who are now handling over twenty thousand employees all around the world -divided by 65 facilities in a little less than 20 countries worldwide. Like any other giant company, they started as a small company as well. Until now their company is still learning and growing with the changing world – it strives to be modern and fit with the global standards.

The OSI Group Mcdonalds , unlike today’s hate on immigrant policies in the United States, this group was rooted deeply in immigrants – particularly German immigrants in Chicago. The people composed of the German descent made up of over a quarter of the population of the city that time. The city was a melting pot of cultures and they were an easy, accessible and main entry point of immigrants at the time – and they were the people who established and plowed farms and cared for livestock in their Western Homes and fields. OSI Group Mcdonalds are now going on their first step of dominating the world.

OSI Group Mcdonalds started with these small farms, stacked and established beside each other, producing great volumes of meat and livestock, in time they garnered the name of “Hog Butcher of the World” , “Stacker of Wheat” and they were coined as the “City of Big Shoulders” (referring to the shoulders of the pigs that they were breeding.)

In the early 1900’s in Chicago, one person named Kolschowsky, only after a couple of years prior to arriving in the United States of America – he opened a small manufacturing and distributing meat market and butchery that was to serve his small community. His business was decent for a good number of years and during the First World War – he expanded his business into a wholesale business and he moved his operations into a bigger platform.

The post-war situation opened a multitude of various opportunities like what Ray Kroc did when he opened the very first, original Mcdonald’s in Illinois and this was the first step to a world wide phenomenon that was once just a concept – This was the start of a the worldwide retail extravaganza by OSI Group Mcdonalds.

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Yanni Huffnagel’s Career

Yanni Hufnagel was born on August 26, 1982, to Joni and Thierry Hufnagel in Scarsdale, New York. He grew up in Scarsdale and played lacrosse throughout his high school years alongside his younger brother who also served as the team captain. He also expressed his interest in varsity basketball but, alas, did not make the team when he tried out. He would, however, end up becoming a commentator for their games and eventually matriculated at Penn State University. Whilst in college, he served as a defenseman for their lacrosse team before transferring to Cornell where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Labor Relations. After graduation, he completed an internship with the New Jersey Nets before enrolling in school at the University of Oklahoma.

Whilst there, he served as an assistant coach for their men’s basketball team where he worked with such up-and-coming young stars as Blake Griffin. He went on to graduate in 2010 with a degree in adult and higher education. He later joined the Harvard basketball team as an assistant coach where he worked for over four years. He later was appointed as a coach for Team USA at the Maccabiah games before taking a coaching position at the University of Vanderbilt. He left the program after one season to take a job with the University of California Berkley and this is where his career began to take a downturn. In 2015, a female reporter provided allegations of sexual misconduct.

Of course, he vehemently denied these claims but he nevertheless resigned his position less than a year later due to his claims that this slander has damaged his reputation. He did later accept a position as an assistant coach at the University of Nevada Reno. The president of the university was wholeheartedly supportive of him joining their team despite the recent allegations against him. He even argued that all the evidence pointed to him being not guilty of this heinous crime in spite of what the reporter had to say. He nevertheless left this position after just one season and hasn’t worked in coaching since then.


Brazil’s Future As Predicted By Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s dismal state is a direct result of the country’s inability to execute infrastructure projects. Since the National Confederation of Industry came forth with some dispiriting statistics, the country’s negligence has become wholly evident. The report revealed that Brazil terminated nearly 520 infrastructure jobs last year. Some works that were inexplicably ceased include railways, sports facilities, educational units, highways, and ports. Unfortunately, Brazil’s economy has taken a hit as a result of their unduly ineptitude. Perhaps the most unsettling outcome of Brazil’s poor infrastructure is the financial loss it’s created. In 2017, Brazil saw a $10.7 billion depletion in their financial resources. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

With Brazil rapidly spiraling out of control, experts are offering up their advice in the hopes of saving the nation from irreparable damage. Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian project analyst who has admirably stepped up to the plate. After conducting some research on Brazil’s operations, Jens concluded that Brazil’s system is utterly flawed. Some areas that are notably lacking include technology, finances, land, business relations, and contractual agreements. What’s more, Jens states that “fiscal deterioration and contraction of investments also affected state and municipal projects.” Fortunately, there’s still hope for Brazil.

If Brazil improves their micro planning procedures, institutes mandatory training programs, designs better contracts, and strengthens their interpersonal relationships, Jens wholeheartedly believes that the country will see an improvement. While Jens’ sentiments are promising, other specialists aren’t as optimistic. Jose Augusto Fernandes is one such individual. As a member of the National Confederation of Industry, Fernandes is well aware of Brazil’s incompetence. Moreover, Fernandes has time and again seen Brazil blatantly disregard the facts. It’s for this reason why Fernandes believes that Brazil will continue to balk at reform. If this reality materializes, Brazil won’t have a rosy future.


Clayton Hutson Work in Live Entertainment

Clayton Hutson is no stranger in the music industry. He had a passion for the Industry which he has worked on and nurtured since when he was young. Clayton can perform extremely well in any position he is placed to bring about the success of the tour. He says that he is delighted to be employing his skills and talents in an industry that he feels so passionate about. Clayton Hutson lives in Nashville which is a very active hub for the production of music which places him in an advantageous position of maintaining his connections, developing new ones and also finding new ways to expand his events production company.

His exceptional work has seen him join Kid rock tours on two separate occasions where he has always been able to identify issues and find solutions to them. Clayton has worked with several musicians and has spent time traveling to various parts of Australia and North America. Today some of his clients include famous artists such as Kelly Clarkson, pink and Kid Rock. Hutson holds a degree in theater design from Central Michigan University and then went ahead to gain his master’s degree from the Stephen M. Rock School of Business. He then went ahead to work in various positions with different companies in live entertainment. He worked as a project manager, sound engineer and much more where he mostly worked with corporate entertainment.

Clayton Hutson claims that it’s while he was working with Billy Graham sound team that he finally decided that his love for the music industry was forever. Having performed several jobs that gave him access to every aspect of live entertainment which includes live performance, sound engineering, and management he had all the skills he required to start his own company. Hutson as soon that he was a natural entrepreneur as he saw his business grow very fast and his reputation soars up high in the industry.

Today, those who have had the pleasure of working Clayton Hutson term him as hard-working, resilient and hardworking. Clayton embraces long days at work to maintain an impeccable and strong work ethic.

The Chainsmokers’ In-Depth Discussion with Interview Magazine

Shortly after the dynamic duo; Chainsmokers released their new jam “Closer,” in 2016, Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine held a thrilling interview in New York. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart talked about how they started The Chainsmokers and their remarkable journey to stardom.

The interview goes into detail on the founding of the group settling for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as a Production team itself. They reveal that it wasn’t a walk in the park, the journey to fame came with its share of challenges and sleepless nights to produce a quality that would catch their target audience’s attention.

Alex Pall revealed to Rosenzweig, his source of Djing experience began in the Big Apple he met Drew, who at that time had already started his career as a DJ and Producer. Upon receiving that opportunity, Alex quit his job to begin his career in music and together, the duo developed their unique EDM-Pop style of music. They came into the limelight with their hit singles, “Selfie” and “Roses” which were received positively having an audience of from all around the globe of groups from the ages of around 15 years to adults or even 30 years and above.

Alex and Drew added that their songs based on their real-life stories despite having to include songwriters during the composing lyrics sessions. They both draw their inspiration from the then already established and talented musicians like Avicii. It was about killing anything that didn’t work for them and built any skill that would linger well with their music production. Alex quoted that the duo continued to put more effort into achieving their dreams and would meet up and work daily like a paying job. With time, they identified their weaknesses and strengths, and when they were ready, the world would receive them with open arms.

While concluding, Drew talked about the duo talked about releasing an album that they had been working on for their audience. The Chainsmokers unveiled their plans on enlightening the world on their identity and brands as artists. They continue to push for new experiences and limits on the forefront to become the best in the competitive music industry.