OSI Group Remains One Of The Largest Food Processing Companies

OSI Group, LLC is a privately owned food processing company based in America. It was founded in 1909 as a butcher shop by Otto Kolschowsky as Otto & Sons, but changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company made its first partnership with McDonald’s in 1955 where it supplied the company with ground beef. This was the beginning of the company’s expansion to different states in the United States Brazil, Germany and Spain. The company has since used its strategic partnerships to grow and expand to several other parts of the globe. the company desire to satisfy their customers’ needs and do right by them has made OSI Group the leading food processing company in the country.

Currently, OSI Group, LLC has a $6.1 billion in revenue at and scooped number 58 in the Forbes list of the largest private companies. OSI Group has been recognized for their commitment to the environment and coming up with ways to comply with the standards met to ensure that the environment is take care of. Having scored the five maximum stars, the company was therefore awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor award that is awarded by the British Safety Council. The company has won the title once again previously for their hard work and excellence performance in protecting the environment.

OSI Group is committed to quality and sustainability. They supply meat products, poultry pizza and sausages to different companies in different parts of the world. Recently, the company was awarded the Flagship Europe, to supply their products. This partnership is a great opportunity for OSI Group to expand their operations and tap more market in Europe and Germany, countries where Flagship Food Group has a huge market. The company made another strategic acquisition of Baho Food which operates in more than 18 countries in Netherlands. This gives the company a chance to expand their operations in different parts of Netherlands.

OSI Group LLC has been in the market for a century now. They have partnered with so many companies and acquired a whole lot of them as well. By in the market all these years makes gives them expertise and skills that are useful in remaining one of the best companies in the globe. the leadership at the company has been top notch and the employees are well trained to make sure that their service and interaction with customers is professional, reason they always come back to them.

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Bruce Levenson, a philanthropist and the director of Tech Target Inc., was born in 1950 in the United States of America. According to PR News, he is currently the owner of Atlanta Spirit and also the president of “I have a dream foundation.” He previously worked with Washington Star and Observe Publishing. Also, he is the co-founder and partner of the United Communication Group

He is a product of Washington University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree and later got an M.D. from the American University.

Source: Wikipedia.org

The case

The case involved a breach of contract between the former Atlanta Hawks Basketball ownership, which comprised of Levenson and Gearon among others. The case was presented in the superior court of Fulton. The plaintiff argued that his insurer failed to compensate him under the policy of coverage for losses resulting from uncertainties like employment issues.

AHBE claims it gave notice to the AIG on 2nd April 2015 on the matter of bereavement by Ferry. According to the plaintiff, this was covered by the insurance agreement. The result is that they terminated the contract through an agreement and hence the relationship ended. On the other hand, the defendant seemed not to act to the plaintiff’s wish due to lack of concrete reasons.

The court ruled out that AHBE’s claim was in order and hence they were supposed to be compensated by the insurance company. It further noticed that there was indeed a breach of contract for failure to pay compensation fee for the incurred loss. Again, the court noted that the AIG had no justification on why they had not enacted the payment.

Read about the Hawks Sale here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/


Fabletics Revolution

Finding clothes that fit you online can be difficult. This is why so many go in-store, try on items, and then go home and purchase cheaper online. Why not get the best bargain, right?


Well, one company is changing that and making life so much easier. Fabletics is an athletic clothing brand created by Kate Hudson, yes the famous Golden Globe Actress Kate Hudson! Her company has switched things up and introduced reverse showrooming to the modern day consumer. As society grows, shouldn’t the way we shop grow as well? It definitely should and she has done it.


Fabletics encourages you to subscribe as a VIP Member with them, and believe me, it’s more than worth it. With your membership they are able to see what you’re interested in, what people in your specific area are interested in, and, well, what everyone is interested in. Their stores even stock their items based on those local fashion trends! If interests change, so does your local store’s inventory. Personally, I hate seeing items online and being disappointed when they aren’t in store. Try before you buy is something I firmly believe in. Our businesses should be paying attention to what we want, right? If they don’t they aren’t really doing us any good.


Fabletics’ VIP Membership program also allows anything you try on in-store to go in your online shopping cart. Why? It doesn’t matter to them whether you buy in-store or online. It’s all the same to them. Customer satisfaction is key as it should be. They sure have stepped up my shopping expectations!


In three small years, this company has grown into a $250 million dollar business. Have you ever tried to be a millionaire? Not easy, right? They sure know what they’re doing and how to meet the demands of their customer to grow this fast and well. Repeat customers are worth a lot more than brand values these days. Not many companies have stepped up to the plate to treat it that way, but Fabletics is sure one of them.


Kate Hudson’s brand is on its way up and up still, setting the example for all the other fashion brands out there. With quality products, great prices, and their integrity in customer satisfaction, Fabletics is going to be a tough one to beat.


Seriously though, go join their VIP membership program. It’s free and it’s custom tailored to you. They’re interested in how you workout, where you work out, and what looks you like. There’s no way you’ll regret it. They even have offers for you when you join. Plus, every product they offer normally is at a discount for anyone that’s a member. Not just when you join. All the time. Who could say no to a deal like that? I sure can’t.

Switching To WEN Cleansing Conditioners May Be Your Best Move Today

Many women out there are always on the lookout for new and more beneficial hair care products, which makes sense since it is typically an important part of their looks personally. Chaz Dean, a long time hair stylist and professional in the cosmetics industry, created a conditioner just for women who have trouble finding something that works for their hair. Wen cleansing conditioners work on all hair types, and within a couple of weeks, even damaged hair can reap the benefits of this nourishing hair care product.

WEN cleansing conditioners come in several different varieties for different hair types and the different tastes of women out there. To this day, even after being on the market for a decade or more, WEN cleansing conditioners are still use by women and it even get great reviews. One of the more recent well done reviews was by Bustle Magazine, which had a review published by one of the bloggers on the effects of WEN hair care products and how they effected her problematic hair during her week trial. The formula in WEN cleansing conditioners is also strong enough to provide a deep clean to the scalp to remove all past product buildup, without stripping or causing any damage itself. Because of this it can be used in replace of other typical shampoos or hair cleaning and softening products.

Not too long ago, Bustle Magazine’s Emily McClure did a review on the Sephora advertised version of WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean, which turned out to do amazing things for her very fine hair. She was a skeptic going it, which is why she waited so long to use the product, but in the end she was delighted to inform her readers of the results. She even put up pictures showing how effective the cleansing conditioner was on her hair, bringing out much more shine and fullness. She had even experienced less hair fall during her showers and time in the bathroom by the end of her trial week using WEN.


Learn Everything About Magnises By Visiting Their Great Website

Most millennials will want access to luxury of some kind, whether it’s to a VIP section in a club, the best seats at a sports event, a luxurious hotel room and more, but the cost of these things may be what’s turning them off. The cost may not have to be something that holds you back if you have a Magnises membership because discounts are always at your fingertips with this great membership. Once you become a member of Magnises, you receive your own card that displays your name on it and can have it attached to your banking information, allowing you to shop with the card.

Many say that the Magnises Black Card is similar to having an American Express card in the fact that it has a lot of perks. There are also great events that Magnises holds or informs their members about, and many of these events are exclusive to Magnises members. Not having that little black card can mean not getting access to certain places, which can make all the difference in the world. Everyone knows that Samsung has the best products when it comes to cell phones, so how would you like to be invited to a Samsung demo event?

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Wouldn’t you love to go to a party that’s filled with professionals who have lots of great stories to tell as well as information that can help you in your own professional life? Even one set of Magnises members were able to go to Exumas Island and were able to swim with the swimming pigs that are located on the island, which is a neat experience in itself. There is so much that the Magnises membership has to offer, so it’s best that any potential new member should get all the information about the benefits that are offered.

The best place to get information about every benefit that Magnises has is by going to their website, especially since you can join as a member and learn about past events as well as future events. Learn more about the parties that are held only for Magnises members because they are some of the best parties and are usually free. Magnises is also offering passes now that are available to any member who wants to add them onto their membership, whether it’s the ClubPass, SportsPass, HotelPass, or the WorkPass.

Get any and every pass that helps you to get the discount that you want, especially since the passes are low in cost and have some great discounts and benefits attached to them. Another thing you should do if you are a Magnises member is to consider downloading the Magnises Concierge, which will be your new best friend that gives you some great advice on how to have fun. Magnises wants to see all of their members happy and wants to know that they are enjoying their membership, so feel free to stop by the website, and become a member today.

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Cleansing Conditioner By Wen Helps Clients Look Like Movie Stars

Wen hair by Chaz is responsible for the beautiful hair of many celebrities you see on television and at the movies. Chaz Dean uses his own Wen products, in his relaxing spa type salon, in Hollywood California. His clients rave about how healthy their hair looks and feels. He has developed his own clientele and hair care line while owning the salon. this is because of the love and thought he puts into what he does.

Chaz Dean developed products that are all natural. They contain no unhealthy additives. The favorite is the conditioning cleanser. Each bottle is a combination of 5 products in one. Each product gives your hair a different service and with Wen, you are getting all five. The first is the cleansing product that replaces regular shampoo. Wen has no chemicals to strip hair so it does not lather. Do not be fooled, the hair is being cleaned in a healthy fashion. It also replaces both your secondary conditioner and your leave in conditioner. Wen has these nourishing products to increase the moisture content of your hair. Finally, the stylers and detanglers are not necessary because Wen leaves hair looking shiny, silky and healthy.

Wen products were a long time in the making. The trials made many people very happy at the Wen salon. The products not only clean but they treat hair by repairing split ends. It gives hair a boost of shine and always leaves hair ready to style. Wash and dry is all that your hair will require to make your hair look like a movie stars hair.

Chaz Dean is developing many different products to enhance an individual’s life. He is producing hair care and skin care products for anyone to use. He began his career cutting and styling hair in Bel Air. After dedicating his life to hair care, Chaz began to discover the need for products such as his. His line of product are a big hit and very popular with celebrities and you.

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Thor Halvorssen is action in motion

In the United States most people have a false sense of security when it comes to civil rights. This false security can only be uncovered, when an individual experience a violation of their rights by a government agency. In this case, who do you call to protect your rights, the police?

To most people’s surprise police are only functional inside city limits, they lose jurisdiction outside the city. So who else can help in a civil rights case? An individual could call a number of political officials, but they will be rebuffed. Finally, one thinks to call an attorney for help. The attorneys say they can file a case for the minimum of a ten-thousand-dollar retainer fee, followed by a two-hundred-dollar an hour rate thereafter. Why then does the citizen have to pay for their rights to be upheld in the American court systems?

Consequently, upholding the fundamental theory of human rights is momentous, because actually certifying one’s civil rights is entirely different, difficult, and too expensive to buy for the average person. This is the reason Thor Halvorssen is action in motion. He is a natural born leader that wants to empty the world of tyranny.

Thus, one man stands-up against tyranny because he knows the difficulty it is to defend liberty after it is taken away. Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation is a hero. More Americans should talk about human rights, the more we keep it in obscurity the less effective it becomes.

Thor Halvorssen is an intelligent man; he highlights corruption, noting its existence. Thor has been beaten tragically. Thor’s father suffered gravely in a Caracas prison. His mother was shot. His cousin is a political prisoner in jail. In retrospective, how does an individual preserve human rights, and remain safe? The facts show, one cannot ever be secure (even in America) and the real threat will always be injury or death.

So who is this man that puts himself in peril? He says he is a lover of people, and along the way that must includes animals and the environment, because how can it be any other way. It is obvious Thor Halvorssen is a human rights and political activist. He graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.buzzfeed.com/rosiegray/is-this-the-face-of-a-new-global-human-rights-movement?utm_term=.hu1rbrvoK#.sgLP3Pq98

EOS Lip Balm Makes Lips Softer

Lip balm is a great thing to have in your bag or your pocket. You may wonder what makes EOS lip balm the better choice and why they are some of the best options for you.

EOS Lip Balm in Your Pocket

EOS lip balm is a great addition to your bag or your pocket so you can have it with you need it. This is more important in the winter to have your lip balm with you so you can keep your lips feeling good and soft.

Another reason you might want to keep EOS lip balm in your pocket or bag is because the lip balm is in a unique container. This makes it easier to carry and easier to have on you at all times. Then you can use it whenever you want to in order to keep your lips feeling soft.

Why EOS?

A big reason you might want to consider EOS lip balm is that it’s great looking and smelling as well as works well for protecting and healing lips. The lip balm has Shea butter in it and that makes it more silky on your lips. The Shea butter also helps to make the skin of the lips softer and nice.

There are a lot of options when you are looking for great lip balm for your needs. EOS lip balm is a great thing to have on your in order to keep your lips feeling good. what are you waiting for? Get out there and get some EOS lip balm to try yourself and see what it can do for your and your lips. Avail online today! Visit  luckyvitamin.com or ULTA.com to order.

Read: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick?utm_content=buffer47040&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

JMH Development Renovates New York and Miami Beach

JMH Development is full-service real estate development company with luxury properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, enabling the principal to spend a lot of time flying back and forth between the two cities. The principal is Jason Halpern, who launched JMH. They have $500 million invested in projects in New York. JMH typically remodels historic buildings.


One of their projects was the Aloft South Beach hotel in the center of Miami Beach on Collins Street, which they topped off in September 2014. It had 235 rooms, and was scheduled to open in early 2015. JMH developed along with Madden Real Estate Ventures. They remodeled the Ankara Motel, a historic landmark, and added a eight-story tower. It was the first new hotel to open in Miami Beach since 2009 when the financial crisis hit. Also, its rooms average 360 square feet, larger than the older rooms of their competition. The architect was ADD, Inc, and Plaza Construction did the construction work.


When it’s completed, Aloft South Beach will provide guests with a roof deck lounge, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center open around the clock. It was also planned to have over 2,000 square feet of space for business meetings and social events. At the hotel’s WXYZ bars, Live at Aloft Hotels will feature hot local artists and popular bands.


JMH also completed a renovation project at Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That’s a major remodeling of 184 Kent Avenue, turning it into 340 luxury apartments. 184 Kent Avenue is listed in the National Historic Monument register. This project won the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award for adaptive reuse. They also worked on the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, nine luxury-level townhouses in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, at 110-126 Congress Street. Four of the renovated townhouses dated back to 1850, and JHM built five of them new.


Halpern turned JMH into a pioneer in developing unique, often historic, buildings and optimizing them for luxury use as apartments or hotels. He’s committed JHM to completing such project across the country. So far, he’s stuck with buildings in New York and Miami Beach.

The Aloft South Beach hotel occupies a prime waterfront location near Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal, which goes around the hotel. It’s just one block from the beach and a few minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. It’s near the Bass Museum of Art, several art galleries and many boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide owns the 100 Aloft Hotels in fourteen countries.


JMH’s team of real estate professional is great at executing every aspect of real estate development, including in the residential, hospitality and mixed use segments. They know and understand the local markets, and possess the on-site expertise to complete each project. Their current portfolio includes: South Beach Starwood Hotel, Three Hundred Collins, 70 Henry and 2901 Indian Creek Drive.

Supermodel, Actress, and Singer Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell is an internationally renowned supermodel and Actress. She was born in London on 22nd May 1970. She started her career journey as a model at the age of 15. She appeared on the cover of the French Vogue at the age of 18 years. She became the first African woman to appear on both French Vogue and Time magazine covers. She was born to a Jamaican-born dancer and an unnamed father. She attended Dunraven School and later went to London Academy where she pursued Performing Arts.

Her career started while at Italia Conti Academy Stage school where she got a chance to appear in music videos before being signed as a model at Synchro Modeling Agency. This was at the age of 15. Her exotic leggy feature gave her an advantage against her competitors and was taken into high-profile advertising shoots for famous fashion icons as Francois Nars. She has also posed for Madonna’s book Sex and Playboy magazine. Naomi Campbell has also pursued a career in music and acting before modeling. Her music career became successful while she was in Japan. This is where she debuted in the music industry with her album “Baby Woman” selling over a million copies. Her hit song “love and Tears” debuted her into the international scene and made collaborations with major artists in the industry.

She has made appearances on the big screens in both music and movies including Miami Rhapsody. Naomi has also published a photo book and co-authored the novel “Swan.” Naomi Campbell is an ambitious businesswoman. She created two companies that include a perfume line and NC connect. Naomi ventured into television and launched her reality show in 2013 by the name The Face. She features aspiring models who compete in the show. Naomi took up a huge role in the new America Drama Empire. This is where she demonstrated her acting skills. She has had love links with high profile celebrities such as Usher, Mike Tyson, Robert De Niro, and Flavio Briatore. Naomi has a passion for helping African children in poverty-stricken regions. She worked with Nelson Mandela.